About us

Blockchain Elite Traders uses blockchain technology that was invented using cryptography. Bitcoin as the leading cryptocurrency is now widely accepted as mode of payment. It is an open source inventive payment system which is accessible by the public and is globally decentralized form of digital money comparable to conventional payment system. It enables the users to transact directly with minimal fee without hassles of an intermediary. With the aid of computers and artificial intelligence together, it helps us manage our client's payment in the most efficient way which makes it possible for us to pay our clients on time.


Blockchain Elite Traders Club was founded last August 2017 in United Kingdom and is registered within the blockchain elite trader's market. All through the years, its members has grown over 5 million for institutional investors as it is open to investors worldwide. All funds collected are managed and secured by our team of brilliant blockchain subscription experts to continuously support the goal of the club which is to help people achieve their financial freedom.


Our goal

Blockchain Elite Traders Club envision to empower people in the pursuit of their goals and fulfillment of their dreams; providing equal opportunities for people to achieve wealth, health and prosperity.


To avoid direct risk for members to enter in the world of trading, Blockchain Elite Traders Club is providing a secure platform to invest your money in the blockchain market.

Trust and Services

Our system is under 24/7 monitoring for us to deliver the best services to our clients.


We are committed to empowering people thru its sustainable programs and platforms that advance entrepreneurial ingenuity using technology applications and innovations which will make them to confidently trade with us. We shall continue to be a market leader in the development of solutions and applications that addresses the need of the community by utilizing the trillion dollar industry of financial market through community of traders.


We are sensitive to the trading needs of our clients therefore we are dedicated to be a state-of-the-art provider for BCET. Our club has earned reputation for excellence due to our principles of innovation.

The Human Aspect

We cannot succeed without the trust and respect of our clients. It will always be our top priority whatever it takes to earn and build relationships based on that trust while making every efforts meet our client's needs.


We are rapidly becoming an industry leader in the BCET market due to our ability to innovate and offer the most highly advanced tools possible to our clients. Such tools are vital for ensuring our community of traders to trade at its best.

Trade with Confidence

Our club is established with the goal of providing a regulated and friendly environment for traders around the world. Our experienced developers make every effort to protect our client's information.